I have been browsing through an old book lately about the humour of Abe Lincoln. It was written by Alexander McClure and published in 1901. A whole different perspective on the man and his politics.

Here on the eve of what I think will be the third rebellion in the USA (think I am wrong? Read this Those who are on the right, have long held the attitude of “you leave me alone and I will leave you alone. Those on the left have held the belief that they know what is best for you and yours and they are going to give it to you and if necessary, at the point of a gun. They know that a disarmed population is easier to control (and many Canadians ask, “what is Justin thinking?” He isn’t his paymasters are).

Lincoln was bedeviled right from his election, to his inauguration and throughout his Presidency by an extremely hostile and vulgar press (very much in the pockets of the newly minted Democratic Party), traitorous members of his own Republican party. His election was cemented by the electoral college and refuted far and wide.  He campaigned on a larger government that would assume some of the constitutional rights of the states, one of which was Emancipation. Now if you think that there are a lot of parallels with the Americans current President, you would be correct. A blogger in the Carolinas calls the 2nd American rebellion “the war of Northern Aggression, (his blog is good reading). It seems that Emancipation was meant to be enacted slowly, to protect the economies of the Southern States. Well, they are still recovering.

Anyways, in the States, the Democrats are pushing, using their rendition of Hitler’s brownshirts and Mussolini’s black shirts, to terrorize the general population, make them fearful (as the recent so-called pandemic proved was useful) creating an environment where it would be easier to “alter” their constitution, removing many rights and privileges guaranteed therein. I greatly fear that this will be very bloody, and spill across the border (we already have Justin doing his best to disarm the general population. If you have weapons, hide them. You or your friends and family will likely need them just to survive). Standing on the other side of the Democrats you have a mixture of peoples, groups, etc. made up of a real cross section of America. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Jews, Christians, Hindus, you name it, there are some of their people in it. All of them are bound by the ideals of the American constitution and like their forefathers, willing to fight for it. The big question in my mind, is are they going to be as ruthless as their opponents? They will need to be.

Old focks homes

Old folks homes, aka Centers of Death.
Currently Doug Ford is under fire for the conditions our armed services found in 4 homes in Ontario. Ford is the Premier of Ontario, has been for a whole 23 months. He inherited one hell of a mess when elected, problems created by 15 years of malfeasance practiced by the progressive Liberal party in Ontario. It has been an exciting time for Mr. Ford and sadly he does not have the political savvy or street smarts of his brother Doug or DJT. Add to that Trump’s very unfriendly media, and times are tough.
I made a comment a few days ago regarding the report issued and published, that had found severe cases of abuse in just 4 examples of OFH’s and had chapter and verse read to me about inspections in Manitoba, and how those terrible things could never happen here.
Well, they can and most probably do. When you have “for profit” care supplied by corporations, and weak toothless oversight supplied by entitlement focused government, Shit happens. Literally and figuratively. Get up off your ass and do something to help those who are trapped.
No use writing your MP to complain, they dropped us a long time ago, back in 1981. You can, however, go after your MLA and let them know where you stand. You can research and report poor care if you find it. But at the end of the day, we need our “heathcare mavens” to follow through when things like what was discovered in Ontario are found. They didn’t in Ontario and I doubt they are doing it here. It’s called “PROFESSIONAL COURTESY”.
Since this pandemic made it’s self know, I have railed at the way it has been handled, compared to past problems ie. 2009 (H1N1). I have refused to “go with the flow. I was forced to quarantine, not allowed to work by my employer, because of MY underlying conditions. In Manitoba (back at work now), 1 in every 4,400 people got the disease, 295 out of 1.3 million. Unfortunately 7 died, i in every 185,700 people. Every one of those had underlying conditions, so lets upgrade my PERSONAL RISK by a factor of t0. So, I have/had a one in 18,570 people chance of dying. Damn good odds.
So, I refused to change my lifestyle, refuse to give up what freedoms I have, and laugh in the faces of those who are so afraid, they wish me to change. Not a hope. When I die, I will have lived.


I was thinking the other day about my “rights” in Canada. Being next door to the USA, we constantly hear about rights, especially inalienable rights. So, what rights do I have, as a Canadian citizen, I asked myself. Got a quick answer back too, “I dunno”.

40 years ago, Canadians were presented with a new “Bill of Rights” by our then Prime Minister, Justin senior (aka Pierre). This happened after some debate in Parliament, a few words from the leftist media (even then they pandered to the Liberal Party), and very little (as I recall) objection from the opposition parties. If you haven’t read it recently, I think you should. It does not say what we think it says.

You (and I) have no inalienable rights, and what few privileges we enjoy can and are removed at the stroke of a pen by the Prime Minister, any senior bureaucrat, following any whim they may have at that moment. They do not need Parliamentary approval. Example of power? CSA (Canadian Standards Association) which is the source of our electrical standards and rules, is a private American company, that is in direct competition with its Canadian members, to the detriment of ALL Canadians. Look it up.

Free speech? Say a derogatory remark regarding a Christian, same remark regarding a Jewish person and again the same remark about a Muslim. You will be ignored regarding the Christian, you may be admonished regarding the Jew and you run the risk of jail time regarding the Muslim.

Download your bill of rights and read them, at least while you still can.


What in the name of Bullwinkle J. Moose is Justin up to? I feel that I am now part of an old cartoon starring the afore mentioned moose, his best friend Rocky, the cast of characters seems to be different though, Peerless leader (Justin), first minion Boris (Gerald Bull), second minion Natasha ( Chrystia Freeland) and the long suffering people of Canada in the background. It was great comedy in the sixties and seventies, but it is morphing into a Greek tragedy now.

Is this Justin’s chance to flex his “I love China’s system” muscles? Is this the first step? Has the Virus farce coupled with the healthcare failure in Nova Scotia provided Canada’s fearless leader with an opportunity? His reported excuse (ALL print and broadcast media depend on Federal Government handouts, billions, to survive, believe their opinions and reporting at your own risk!), is so thin, that you can read an insurance policy through it. We will hear very little dissent from the Mainstream Media in the coming days.

The very first thing all totalitarian governments do is disarm the people. Lenin, Mussolini, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Pol Pot to name a few. What do they all have in common? That’s right Matilda, Socialism. Why is it that there are no totalitarian governments that are Capitalists? If your smart enough to read, then you should be smart enough to figure that out.

Canada is a collection of political entities that are not equal. All but one has the same rights and privileges, the one, has more. One province can leave Confederation whether the rest agree or not. That same Province manages the formulas used to create transfer payment from the better-off Provinces to the poorer, none of the others have that power, as well this Province is the major source of political graft that flows into political pockets. That alone makes it difficult for the average Canadian to have a sense of identity.

As an example, I am 71, born in Alberta, raised and schooled there, I have lived in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba (garden spot of North America). I have always thought of myself as Canadian first and foremost, then came the province I live in, then the community and then family and friends. Denigrate one of those and it crumbles. In the sixties we were handed Universal Healthcare first (Damn you tommy Douglas you misogynistic, racist, lying asshole), then Multiculturalism was foisted on us by that egomaniac Trudeau, and that loosened another linchpin, Now we have the fruit of his loins, removing our ability to provide sustenance and protection for our families. All for his vast ego.

Think about freedom, freedom of speech and ideas, freedom to move about our great land at will, we are pissing it away with very few protests.

Do you care? If so, what are you doing about all this crap?


Today, reading the CJOB/Global news on line, I came across this article;

I was struck by the ignorance, the laziness, as well as the stupidity shown by Winnipeg’s Mayor as well as Global TV. The unfounded insistence the President Trump had, during April 23rds Covid committee update, advocated for drinking disinfectants. Wanting to be sure, I searched for that date’s transcripts, read the appropriate one, and could not find any thing advocating the consumption of any disinfectant. Look it up for yourself, it is a chore of about 3 min to search for, find and open the appropriate update. To save you time, page down to min. 29 and read through to min 40 (or beyond if you want), the first 4 min will lend context, and the rest are Trumps questions and remarks.  The MSM are screaming he said it, I could not see it. Educate me.

I can appreciate the dislike for Trump, his brashness, forthright attitude, braggadocio speech, most of you are used to a politician speaking for 20 minutes and saying nothing. Trump says lots. Trudeau and his mini me Bowman are good examples of the former, I, love the way of the latter.

Trump is a damned successful salesman. He is currently away from his main business of real estate and focused on a vision of America about ½ of Americans voted for 3 years ago, and I suspect much better than ½ will vote for in November. His vision is one of richness as opposed to poverty.

I cannot for the life of me figure why intelligent, thinking people will quickly believe the salacious lies, twisted truths, out of context hyperbolic statements attributed to Trump, without a thought. I fail to understand how these same people can see a man who has succeeded is some of the toughest business environments in the world and think he is stupid beyond belief and too ignorant to be President. They make noises that they would rather have crooked Hillary or thieving Joe Biden or a return of the snake-oil salesman Obama. Talk about true masochists.

Oh well, go read the transcript, then ask yourself, would you rather have a leader with a vision and a plan? Or a leader who has proven their ability to rape and pillage your tax dollars?

I know what I want.

Damn I miss Harper. The only world leader to brace Putin, look him in the eye and tell him something he didn’t want to hear, in public, on camera, in Austrailia. First Canadian with balls since Dief the Chief.


Here in the garden spot of the world, Manitoba Canada, during these dark times, we have some advantages over everyone else.

  1. Its cold. And this spring is cooler than normal. No virus does well when cold temps are prevalent, as well people tend to stay home a bit more.
  2. We are about ½ rural. We can call that natural separation. By far most confirmed cases of Covid are in Urban (Winnipeg mostly) areas, with just a few in the balance of the Province.

When I view the balance of Canada, not to mention the world, I am looking through glasses that my experience here has tinted, this also has tended to colour my thoughts and comments.

But we have some problems here in Canada, big, bad, serious problems.

  1. Canada has some of the weakest leadership in the World. Period. The decisions made at the very top of our countries system have, in the past few years, put our economy in danger, angered our friends and trading partners, closed door to some of the largest consumers of the goods we create, shuttered our export abilities, closed the biggest wealth creator Canada has ever had, just to name a few.
  2. Our government at all levels has grown to be so bloated and top heavy, we cannot react to very serious problems in a timely manner. As an example, Canadians have created Covid testing systems that have been approved and purchased by countries around the world with great success. They are not available in Canada because our approval system cannot (or most likely, will not QUICKLY approve the concepts. More people die from the lack, than would from the approval and use.). Very sad.
  3. There is no openness and transparency, which is a serious issue, but exacerbating the problem, is the Canadian media, which receives an inordinate amount of their funding from our Governments. If you believe that this funding doesn’t colour their reporting, we need to get your IQ checked. Most of the media lie, misrepresent, twist, spin and hide almost everything that may show the paymasters (various levels of government) in a bad light. Most watched news program in Canada? Probably CNN. Without balanced investigative reporting how can you keep a group of self-serving egomaniacs in check. As well, by pandering to that side of the political spectrum exclusively, the media shunned and lost almost half of their possible audience. And therein is the need for Government grants.
  4. Over the last 60 years we have eliminated Canadiana from our curriculums, little to no history, no instruction as to how were got here and how our system is supposed to work, nada. Much reduced (worse every year) emphasis on the stem portion of subjects. As a result, we have multiple generations that cannot read and understand what was read, write and be understood, solve simple math problems and have very poor knowledge of Canada. Therefore, they are woefully unprepared for the real world. We allowed over-educated egotistical professors to guide us away from time tested and proven education systems that made us a rich country and put us on the slippery down slope to poverty.
  5. Concepts meant to help, that do real, serious harm to society and country. Multiculturalism. I know you’re a black pagan from Estonia, welcome. I do not care what colour you are or what religion you practice, just assimilate, work hard and prosper, keep in mind we have 2 languages, English and French. Everything else about your heritage is important to you only. Racism, affirmative action practices in hiring or anything else is RACIST. If you wish to promote resentment and hatred, this affirmative stuff is the way to go. Welfare is a 4 pager and will be addressed later.

Just what can you do? Get active in your community. Write letters, post blogs, set examples, go to meetings, speak up, vote. Remember that while it may seem you and your vote do not matter, they do. Your reeve/council person/MLA/MP, all elected officials depend on your vote to keep their cushy highly paid positions, These are not jobs, we need to remind them that they are over-paid fops, we need to keep their feet to the fire and if their sinecure is threatened, they will listen and act in their own best interests. We need to keep them focused on what those interests are, ours.


I have said from the beginning that the computer models were skewed, badly skewed.

I have said from the beginning that the quarantine/lockdown/isolation would be counterproductive and a waste.

I have said from the beginning That “flattening the curve” was not just misleading but a lie.

I have said from the beginning that the only real casualties in this would be freedoms and economies.

I have always wanted to be right right right! Now that it appears that I have been all along, I am sad. Terribly sad.

What a waste.

About me. White, 71 years old, Grade 12 (in the sixties when schools had male teachers and real subjects), skeptical (from birth), well read, curious about what makes our world tick, I do not trust politicians or anyone paid to render an opinion. Cui Bono (who benefits), FOLLOW THE MONEY is my motto.

Let me be clear.

  • The scientists? The statisticians? The elected Poltroons/talking heads etc. are now admitting what many have suspected all along, that the true numbers of infected can only be guessed at. Without much more universal testing and honesty there is no way we know how many are infected. Ergo (therefore) the models are garbage. It is coming out and being publicly admitted that any taint, tested or not, of Kung Flu turns a death into a Covid statistic. Such a big lie. When I hear that they are using models to forecast, I think of yesterday’s weatherman, forecast sun, look out the window and see snow. These people have and continue to lie and cheat you. Place them in the stocks on main roads.
  • Quarantines, just who are we protecting, the vulnerable? Public at large? Nope (see flattening the curve). Who should be sequestered? Those afflicted only. Yes Martha, asymptomatic, symptomatic (think tuberculosis) should all be gathered together in one spot (by law and severe penalties), this will require testing, tons of testing, but so what, it is cheaper than what we are doing now. That alone will cut the fear way down, there will be a big drop in the suicide rate (did you think of suicides?) and give our economy a chance. We can still protect the vulnerable, the halt, sick and lame, by limiting access.
  • Flattening the curve. Look at the charts and the published data. Something that has bothered me was the high levels of infected and dead for such long periods if we are able to reduce the height of the curve. I could not find projected numbers of total dead if we flattened to total dead if we did nothing. Data and other information is now appearing that shows we gain nothing by flattening the cure, all we do is spread the deaths and misery out over a much longer time frame. In the meantime, we lose, our freedoms, our souls and our economy. Another poor bill of goods from our “leaders?”.
  • Finally, our loses. Are you as free as you were 2 months ago? I didn’t think so. Are you still looking at the reasonably bright future you had 2 months ago? I didn’t think so. Are you tired of nothing but doom and gloom in the media? Never ever a reported bit of good news? Tired of the hypocrites that decry people coming into their stores because of quarantines, but continue to advertise their products on social media? I am. Can you do simple math? Calculate your chances of encountering Kung Flu? Calculate your risk if you do? Calculate the chances of dying if you get sick? Then do so. You will be surprised and then your personal BS sniffer may kick in. Put pen to paper and write. Tell that poltroon that your voting for them is dependent on their actions, and why you feel that way. Quote me if you wish, need citations, ask.

Good luck from the garden area of North America, Manitoba.



I was recently cited (advised) by Facebook that an article created by a respected politician that I had copied and reposted on my page, was fake news, and my post had been hidden and any further fake reports would result in more serious action. I have hit the big-time.

I was (and am) pointing out the dishonesty and the lack of morality in labeling ALL virus deaths as caused by Covid19.

No matter that existing medical issues were and are the true cause of death. An example would be a patient suffering from terminal brain cancer, admitted to hospital, treated for their hopeless condition, while in the hospital they then encounter Covid, contract the disease, are asymptomatic (so no tests done), then dies. After death, during a routine autopsy, it is discovered that the patient was a carrier of Covid19. This is now a virus death. Manitoba’s Public Health officer has forcefully pointed that out while answering a media question.


It is my understanding that all 3 of Manitoba’s recorded virus deaths also have previous health conditions. Italian officials, Spanish, American officials have admitted this practice. The media says Meh!

I lovely lady asked me late yesterday why they lie like that, I said Matilda, follow the money.

The more virus deaths, the more research grant money. The more money floating around the more graft, theft, spurious research, Cui Bono. They basically use the same computer methods for their virus research as the Climate Change thieves do, as your weather seer does (runes are as accurate), Add to that the extra power given to these “not so” Civil Servants, bigger budgets, more staff larger empire, more important, and the basic need of all politicians, re-election. You decide. Right? Wrong?

Let me know.


Why are we not following the path of more successful countries whose actions regarding the treatment of Covid19 as well as “flattening the curve” have been so successful?

The answers are the same for both Canada and the United States, Bureaucracies, Power, Greed, Turf, Graft, Hate (TDS) and lastly but not least, INCOMPETENCE.

In Canada and the US, when something new pops up in the medical field, it takes years (plural, meaning more and often much more than one) to get a plan and a treatment authorized. The hoops are many, varied, many are hidden, and the opportunity for graft is huge. Just look at the current kerfuffle over antimalarial drugs used to treat this disease, and the available testing products from around the world.

  • Whoa, Doctor Eager, you can’t use that, we haven’t tested it for that SPECIFIC purpose. Until we (the bureaucrats) put these treatments/tests through our rigorous, slow, mistake filled processes, it is VERBOTEN! We do not care that these 3 to 10 countries are doing this with proven results, my department will look incompetent (look up what the disease centers in Canada and the US have been spending tax money on investigating and treating, very frustrating). And it continues.
  • Unless those promoting the use of the trial products are of the correct political persuasion, the media (MSM) does everything they can to hamstring the idea. Don’t believe me? Put your hate in your pocket and try reading a wider range of news sites, if you are honest with yourself, you will end-up with a SLIGHTLY different perspective.
  • Our “leaders and experts” prove time and time again that survival of the common man/woman/child, pales against any loss, diminishment, reduction or appearance of their power and control. And that Matilda is how the Americans got Trump (our system is different we are screwed).

What can you (little Matilda/Frank/Danny) do?

  • Well, the first thing is to take Baa Baa out of your vocabulary. If you are going to follow, do it, quietly. If you are on any Social Media, STOP telling others what to do. Lead by quiet example. Tell people WHY you are doing this, that, or the next thing. DO NOT PREACH. Supple links to relevant subjects, and let your audience decide (this is easy unless you are a Liberal, NDP’er or Democrat).
  • If fear is an important part of your day/decision making, look at it. What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid of it? How can you deal with it? What can you personally do to keep this reasonable in your life? Fear is very, very nasty. Only you can deal with it. DONOT project YOUR PERSONAL fear onto others. Talk to others personally (not on social media), you will be surprised how that will help.
  • If you are (like me) resisting, say so. DONOT be afraid, DONOT preach, tell people you are resisting, but be succinct, provide links, if they want to read, they will, you CANNOT make them. Write to your MP, MLA, Congressperson, Senator. Encourage all that think like you to do the same. These people want your vote in order to keep their position/power/control/self-image. It is slow, but it works.

What are those successful countries doing?

  • Testing the hell out of everyone (it is never too late to start).
  • Encouraging masks.
  • Finding ways to keep their local economies moving.

That is all.