I meant to mention the Diamond Princess while talking about numbers. I forgot.

So, here it is.
One case is that of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, which achieved some notoriety from the well-publicized outbreak among its 3711 passengers and crew in January and February of 2006. Held aboard in constricted quarters, the population was subject to 3068 polymerase chain reaction (pcr) tests, which identified 634 individuals (17%) as infected, with over half of these infections (328 ) producing no symptoms. Seven infected passengers died, all of them over the age of 70. Adjusting the data for age, researchers at the London Institute of Tropical Medicine have estimated a fatality rate per infection (IFR) for the epidemic in China of 0.5% (95% CI: 0.2-1.2%) during the same period. This is far below the earlier estimates of 3.4% or greater that were promoting panic over the epidemic.  See Russell et al, Estimating the infection and case fatality ratio for COVID-19 using age-adjusted data from the outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, MedRXIV 2020 at https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.05.20031773v2.full.pdf.


Every Day we hear new VERY IMPORTANT NUMBERS, this many more cases in Canada, this many more deaths in Italy, the USA is leading in total number of cases. So, what does this all mean?


  • Active cases. What is that? It is cases that are proven positive after testing. Is that accurate as to the number who have it? No, no Martha it isn’t. It is being suggested that the true number of infected people is 2 to 10 times higher than the number used, but they have no idea, because there are not enough tests and facilities to do a better job. But it makes you nervous.
  • That means this many people died. How does that affect me you may ask? Well unless you knew the deceased, it doesn’t affect you at all. So, then what is my risk of dying? They have no idea, because they do not know how many asymptomatic cases there are. And without that, there is no mortality rate. But it scares you. Look up the population of the country you live in, see how many are afflicted, simple math will give you a rough risk rate.
  • Like active it doesn’t mean much except 3-4 weeks after getting sick, this many people are still alive. Worthless figure without proper context, I suspect it is used to look good, but you are scared still.

So, why do they feed us this drivel?


What information do you need to allow you to make informed decisions regarding the wellbeing of family and yourself?

  • How about who is dying? Male or Female? Age ranges? Underlying conditions (this saddens me, because any hint of kung flu antibodies in your blood postmortem, means you died of kung flu, not a heart attack, failed kidneys, damaged liver from 60 years of heavy drinking, totally wrong, totally misleading)? In France and Spain deaths in old-folk’s homes are NOT counted. In China, they not only lied at the start, but the lies have gotten bigger. So, just what are your risks? Who the hell knows!
  • Should everyone be sequestered? Or only old folks and other “at risk people? Good question, but without facts and figures (raw data) again, who the hell knows? We could say history will tell us, but it will be spun so bad it will be worse than nothing.
  • Is the MSN (Main Stream Media) useful? Around the world the majority of news outlets, for what ever reason, suffer from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), to the point that they constantly lie, mislead, obstruct and do what they can to make President Trump look bad. The glee and smiles while reporting on more active cases, deaths, stock market drops, amaze me. They are wishing financial ruin, death, sickness on an entire country, and in too many cases their own country and citizens. UN-F&*KING BELIEVABLE. So, in a few short words, don’t believe the news, TV, Print or Radio. To make my point, I downloaded ranking information around the world, where each country was ranked by the total number of active cases. However, they also showed the number of cases per 1 million people in each country. I took the top 60 and sorted for most cases per million, highest to least. Interesting reading. I had to shrink this to fit it in, but it gives you an idea. USA from 1st to 15th.
31 Luxembourg 2487 30 2377 31 3973
44 Iceland 1319 4 1031 12 3865
3 Spain 110238 10096 73399 6092 2358
8 Switzerland 18475 522 13940 348 2135
2 Italy 115242 13915 83049 4053 1906
10 Belgium 15348 1011 11842 1144 1324
12 Austria 11027 158 9120 227 1224
4 Germany 81728 997 61556 3936 975
20 Norway 5125 50 5043 96 945
15 Portugal 9034 209 8757 230 886
5 France 56989 4032 42022 6017 873
11 Netherlands 14697 1339 13108 1053 858
17 Israel 6808 34 6485 107 787
21 Ireland 3849 98 3746 109 779
1 US 228727 5373 213074 5421 691
53 Estonia 858 11 802 16 647
6 Iran 50468 3160 30597 3956 601
25 Denmark 3355 123 2143 153 579
18 Sweden 5466 282 5081 429 541
7 U.K. 33718 2921 30662 163 497
52 Slovenia 897 17 810 31 431
22 Czechia 3805 44 3694 72 355
45 Panama 1317 32 1276 50 305
54 Qatar 835 2 762 37 290
39 Finland 1518 19 1199 62 274
13 Canada 10132 131 8110 120 268
50 Croatia 1011 7 916 34 246
9 Turkey 18135 356 17364 783 215
19 Australia 5137 25 4767 50 201
14 Korea, South 9976 169 3979 55 195
26 Ecuador 3163 120 2985 100 179
49 Singapore 1049 4 779 24 179
24 Chile 3404 18 3051 31 178
58 New Zealand 797 1 704 2 165
38 Greece 1544 53 1430 91 148
28 Romania 2738 107 2364 78 142
46 Serbia 1171 31 1098 81 134
57 Hong Kong 802 4 644 8 107
27 Malaysia 3116 50 2299 105 96
55 UAE 814 8 745 2 82
29 Poland 2692 51 2585 50 71
35 Saudi Arabia 1885 21 1536 31 54
43 Peru 1323 47 882 49 40
16 Brazil 7022 252 6643 296 33
36 Thailand 1875 15 1355 23 27
47 Argentina 1133 34 843 0 25
23 Russia 3548 30 3283 8 24
30 Philippines 2633 107 2475 1 24
41 South Africa 1380 5 1325 7 23
51 Algeria 986 63 862 0 22
48 Colombia 1065 17 1009 47 21
33 Japan 2384 57 1855 69 19
60 Iraq 772 54 516 0 19
56 Ukraine 804 20 771 0 18
40 Dom. Republic 1380 60 1304 147 12
32 Pakistan 2386 33 2246 9 11
42 Mexico 1378 37 1306 1 11
59 Egypt 779 52 548 0 8
37 Indonesia 1790 170 1508 0 7
34 India 2341 68 2096 0 2


A quick read of this shows many things:

  • How many lying countries there are
  • Spin, spin, spin.
  • Your country isn’t as bad off as you thought.



  • It appears the drivel is there to scare you. Scared people hoard and FOLLOW.
  • While all of this is happening, your rights and freedoms are being eroded and once gone, THEY DON’T COME BACK.
  • The elite (political and bureaucratic) have found a bigger and more profitable trough and they are exploiting it at the expense of our children’s children’s wallets and well-being.
  • While this world, right now, is the richest best world mankind has ever had, unless we the people toughen up, its all down-hill from here.

I recommend that you add places like https://bustednuckles.com to your daily reading. Phil is an interesting guy and a must read every day for me. Without him you would not be reading this. So, go there, read his stuff, follow his links around, find those whose thoughts are interesting, especially, when they are from the other side of your political aisle. You will find a whole new news world out there, one whose mantra is not “if it bleeds it leads”, be careful, it can be addicting. When your main reason for posting is to just say something, not sell something, honesty creeps in. So does fun.

Here are a couple more, enjoy:

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A few moments this morning of quiet reflection. Watched a magnificent sunrise (my god but I have seen a lot of sunrises) and gave some thought to our Provincial and Federal governments and their ability to set policies and goals and then work to achieve them.

Provincially, we are hamstrung by an ongoing disagreement with the Federal Government. Our local (add Saskatchewan and Alberta) ability to create wealth has been reduced by (call them interesting) decisions coming from Ottawa.

Our Premier, Mr. Pallister, presents himself well, seems to have a vision, a decent plan, but he has problems at the revenue and bureaucratic levels. Our agricultural producers are having a tough time getting their products to market, resource industries, much the same, reducing the “wealth” of our Province and making it harder and harder to get day-day things done. Add to that the bureaucrats, left over from too many years of Socialist policies (You want it done? They don’t agree? Ohhh how the feet drag, the information flow dries up.), I miss the halcyon days of my youth, when the government changed, there was a cleansing, at the top, very little empire building. Red tape, bungling are the watch words of today.

At the federal level, where the party leader is God-Emperor, we are led by a juvenile, failed Drama teacher, whose real-world experience showed in his visits to China (where he was nicknamed “Little Potato) and India. A man whose plans shift with the wind and what direction the graft is coming from. A boy really, whose policies and proclamations have reduced Canada’s industrial might to a mere footnote, so that he and his ego can preen on the world stage. In a word, LIGHTWEIGHT.

His policies have reduced our freedoms, hindered our transportation, handcuffed law enforcement, saddled us with un-necessary, onerous tax burdens (can you say carbon tax?). It will take years and very strong leadership to get this fine country back on the tracks. We may even face Separation on multiple fronts.

So, are we able to weather the current storm?


But not the way we are now.

We must stop thinking of the individual first and govern with the principal of the greatest good for the greatest number. Many things should end or be pared, Multiculturalism, Healthcare (damn you, you lying racist SOB, SOCIALIST Tommy Douglas), thed complete welfare state, Marketing Boards, Government unions, Stupid racist hiring practices, Indian Affairs, just to name a few. Did you know that Canada’s electrical code is written by an American company that manufactures much of our part needs? We are, in two words, a mess.

So, what say YOU?

FEAR! How the merchants of fear are lying to us, and scaring the crap out of us at the same time.

March 28

Every where I look, everything I read, every newscast, everywhere on social media, all you get is doom and gloom. Very few leaders ever express confidence that we will see this through, at least according to the media, and when one does, they are on that person like flies on shit.

I hear of, see, meet people who are terrified to interact with anyone, no matter what. People at home crying, shaking in fear, afraid to even go outside for a walk, go buy a pkg of gum, go to work. These are people with very real fears. They have MY understanding.

It does not matter to them what you or I think, they are afraid. All they see is fear, on social media, the radio, TV, newspapers, wash your hands, stay inside or you are gonna die kind of stuff.

What they, and we, need is leadership. In the 1930’s in the USA, then President Roosevelt (Democrat/Socialist) told the people to not be afraid, don’t let fear govern, he offered and gave hope. Pointed out little things that were helping, He led. During WW2 in England, Churchill offered blood, sweat and tears, toil, trouble and then led by example, offered hope and courage. I look around the world, and I see very little “positive” leadership offered by the so-called leaders. The only visible one is constantly battered and reviled by his own media, some of whose members have stated that they would like to see their Country collapse, if that would get rid of him. Sad.

Here in Canada, well, what can I say.

However, there are bright signs on the horizon, things that have been known for a while, but are getting more and more provable every week. As much as I disagree, self isolation is helping. Add to that early results are showing better and quicker testing, coupled with a few trials in medicine that have very promising results and it seems that light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and brighter. Hang in there Buckwheat, I can state that the infection rate appears to be leveling (they have no idea of what it may be), the mortality rate is dropping, and more things are showing up on store shelves.

If you have concerns/fears/unease, contact someone you trust, someone you feel has an outlook on this that may help, someone with positive thoughts. Remember, today, with no precautions, 5 out of 10,000 people are getting infected, and of the 5, only one is hospitalized/out in ICU/dies. Pretty good odds.


Several years ago, a new acquaintance of mine at the time, suggested that we combine our intellects, our acumen, and some other people of his knowledge and get involved in commercial fishing up in Northern Saskatchewan. I politely demurred. He pressed (we were drinking), I did my best to explain myself, however over another round (damned fine coffee), I think I satisfied his curiosity regarding my reasoning.

While I agreed with his premise on how to create wealth in a remote area, while investing your own money (why start off with huge debt), and just how valuable that concept could be for the people who reside there, I could see no path forward that had me involved.

While I strongly felt at that time that the differences in race, colour, creed and experiences would be obstacles, they were only that. Things that were not insurmountable. The largest issue in my mind was the fact that everything had to be done through the Freshwater Fish Marketing board. It is, in a few words, the biggest drag on success in commercial fishing in Western Canada. Remember, Governments cannot create wealth, they are, however far to good at creating DEBT.

And that is the big difference between Socialism and Capitalism Socialism means the government controls how YOU can create wealth and if you are moderately successful, they take it. You cannot go bankrupt in a socialistic society. Marketing boards are an example of Government controlling wealth (ever see a POOR dairy farmer?).

In a Capitalistic society, if you want to try to create wealth doing this or that, go ahead. They take a portion, but you can make yourself, and those around you, much better off in so many ways. You can also fail in a spectacular fashion.

Search the web, you will get very frustrated trying to find something created in a Socialist society that ADVANCED humanity. Capitalism however,,,,,,

Build a better mousetrap, and your in. If you can provide a product that fills a need, you will find customers that will pay for that. It is the same with a service. Amazon is a fine example of that.

Look around, how many boats do you see leaving Florida to make the 90-mile sail to the Peoples haven of Cuba. Nuff said.


Real consequences, something those under 30 are mostly unfamiliar with, and those in the political elite seem to immune to.

Sara Hoyt. opinionated (mostly correct in her thoughts), well educated (pretty smart too) (education has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with being smart), lots of people follow her thoughts and quote her (that and $7.50 will get her a cuppa at Starbucks), has a column posted that I am about to link to.

I very strongly suggest you read it, think about it and share it.

Unintended Consequences

Share the link and visit Sara often.