Aug. 29, 2018


Basic Human Rights.

I have been reading a lot these days about freedom, rights, responsibilities and duty.  I hear a lot of drivel about how “it’s my right to do this or that”, or “you have the right to……”. So, I got to thinking about my rights, and where they come from, and quickly realised that there is a problem, there are NO rights.

My copy of Webster’s says that a right, in this context, is something that is morally or socially correct or acceptable. With the rapidly changing attitudes regarding morals, socially correctness and acceptability, how can I have rights?  If I live in the USA, I can have Inalienable rights, which means they cannot be bought sold or transferred, and secured by law. But, I live in Canada, under a different political system, one that lately seems more capricious.

So where are my rights? Damn good question. I don’t have the right of free speech, there is a palatable fear that I may hurt someone’s feelings, I do not have the right to live my life the way I may wish, I would encounter vagrancy laws. There are so many ways that our rights in Canada differ from those experienced by our neighbours to the south, to our detriment.

One thing for sure, the more “freedom” I have, the more rights I enjoy, but, and it is a big BUT, the more responsibilities I must shoulder, and the more duty presses me. There is an enjoyable movie called Open Range available, it stars Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall, and it is all about these 4 things, freedom, rights, responsibilities and duty. Watch it, and think about our upcoming elections, here in Manitoba this fall, and Country wide in 2019.

Get involved, volunteer and canvas. Tell your friends. Vote.

Be glad your not a landowner in South Africa, soon to become Zimbabwe II.


April 11, 2015



How to foster and increase racism:


Treat one or more segments of society differently than the others. Give them “fast-tracks” to jobs, services, etc. They, the few, will now be “SPECIAL”, above the throng, they will (for the most part) be able to do no wrong, because they now have privilege.

Suspend the “law of the land” for some of these “SPECIAL” people. Allow the things, the illegal things that they do to go un-punished. No matter the harm or inconvenience to the rest of society, these are special people, and their cause is just. Just cause, because they are special.

Cater to “loud mouthed” social justice warriors, because of their “perceived” hurt.


Three simple things to alienate the rest of society.


Ending racism is a lofty goal, impossible to obtain. However, we can reduce its effects, mitigate its growth, and provide a society where most people can succeed.

Reverse ALL of the laws and policies in the above three items.

No special segments of society. It doesn’t matter the past, it is what YOU do for yourself that raises you above the masses.

Apply the laws equally. Sob stories about upbringing, etc. etc. mean nothing. They are excuses. Plain and simple. The more you drag “special” people, kicking and screaming into a society of personal responsibility, the faster their humanity will shine for others to admire.

Stop listening to feelings, force reality on them. Hiding behind a mask is a criminal offence after all.

As I said, you can’t end racism, it is how we are wired. But you can make it better. YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE AGAINST STUPIDITY. And if you try, you make it worse.

Lead by example.

Canada Cancellation

Well, the new American practice of cancellation has officially come to Canada. Reminding us all that there is no such thing as free speech inside our borders.

My week ended with a young lady being suspended from school for objecting to a rainbow poppy being presented as an alternative for Remembrance Day displays. The misguided oafish leaders in her school and school district, claimed that offending more than 60 percent of the population was much better than offending less than 1 percent, and in proclaiming this absurdity, branded her with publishing hate speech and as a punishment, suspended her.

Then, adding insult to injury, a Sports commenter, known for bold brash (and usually) correct pronouncements was summarily fired for stating that in the case of most newcomers to Canada the wearing of the poppy and showing respect of tradition during remembrance day (read the transcript), was lacking and missing. Remember, Canada is not known as a melting pot, we have MULTICULTERALISM. The brainless twits with the network that owns “Hockey Night in Canada” fired Mr. Cherry. The Hockey world is poorer as a result, and fans of Hockey will deeply miss him.

Like the USA’s Trump, Cherry has his poop in a group, knew his subject, and was unafraid to voice an opinion. The perpetually offended were (surprise) perpetually offended by his remarks. The suits caved to the vocal idiots and Cherry has left THIS scene. I sense Trumpenfruede coming for SN.

Don’t like what you see and hear out there? Stand up, speak out, let your voice be heard.


To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late;
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods.

On the 8th of May 1945, the Axis forces capitulated, bringing the official end to hostilities in the Western areas of Europe. However, a scant 45 days before, a Hudson, AE595 M-A-L, from the Tempsford air base went missing over the Western part of Germany during a “secret squirrel” mission. Much of these ops are still rated “classified” today. On board were:

F/S Percy Bradley, Bomber, RAFVR, from Aigburth Liverpool G. B.,

W/O 1st Frank Gray, RCAF, Wireless operator/air gunner, from Canada,

F/O George Ragan RCAF, Pilot, from Rainier AB Canada

F/S Thomas Algot RNZAF, Air gunner, from Hawera Taranaki N.Z.

The remains of these 4 young men are interred at the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Western Germany, not far from Nijmegen Holland. They are buried, as they passed, side by side.

At the time of their training, the Commonwealth Air Training program was up and running, and we here in Canada were hosting young men from around the world, schooling them in their duties. I do not doubt for one second that they all trained in Canada, but it is very unlikely that they crossed paths until they were asked to join 161 Sqn. They were rarely assigned there, very elite group. I cannot imagine flying through the black night, often much less than 500 ft AGL, dodging AAA, looking for landmarks in the dark, landing in pastures, lit by flashlight. Very very high pucker factor.

Once these young men arrived in Great Britian, their paths started to converge, ending in Western Germany. To be involved in the super-secret stuff these men did, you had to be asked, not posted. As a result, they were all volunteers, familiar with their duties and risks, and not able to share their fears and thoughts with friends and family. My mother said her brother George was up to secret duties, but he would not talk to her about them. My Uncle Ralph also said he had no idea of what was going on or how his brother died until after the war. A lot of what they did, how they did it and why, is still classified today.

I am asking that on November 11, 2019 that we all remember these 4 and all the others that gave their youth, their health and far too often, their lives in the service of their countries. As you can see, two Canuks, a Brit and a Kiwi, good representatives of the Commonwealth. Prayers and perhaps a Haka.

Doug Hornby




Learn to pronounce


noun: negligence; plural noun: negligences

failure to take proper care in doing something.


Being complacent about what is going around in your community is very dangerous and expensive. a good example or two would be large to major construction projects. These are fraught with peril, in so many ways. There is basic corruption, out and out theft, malfeasance, incompetence to name a few. These issues can affect the planning, design bidding and construction stages individually or collectively or both. If something goes wrong, is done wrong, or just doesn’t work, then there must be consequences (four letter word to most) and reparations.


Examples could be:

  • City of Winnipeg, Water Works plant near Deacons corner. Deficiencies in the construction. The City relied on the Court system to ensure compensation for extra monies spent is resolving the issues. The lawyer in charge missed the filing deadline and the case was dismissed. She was fired for many reasons, but what about her boss? where was that person’s oversight? and their boss, (the City has lots and lots of bosses) Where are their responsibilities, and why are they still employed?
  • Province of Manitoba/City of Winnipeg/University of Manitoba, Multi-use stadium on the U of M grounds. The three partners allowed the design and construction of the stadium to proceed without any oversight. There were many questions asked regarding the bidding process, The Architect that won the design, later claimed his creation “was not being used properly” he cited pressure from the “owners” (read Provincial NDP), regarding budget. The Contractor blames the “Owners” and the designer for their problems, ignoring their responsibility to provide a safe working product, not the shabby result we got, and the “owners” shuffled their problems off on the Football team. The end result will be court cases that will run 10 plus years, with no resolution, leaving the taxpayer holding the bag. Thanks again Greg.
  • The RM of Portage la Prairie in conjunction with the City of Portage la Prairie essentially created the Portage Regional Recreation Authority to facilitate the creation of what we now know as Stride Place. Designs were commissioned, Proposals were accepted, bids were let and accepted with construction commencing. After a few short years of occupation deficiencies in design and construction of the building were noted. These were so severe; occupancy was halted until repairs were complete and the building again deemed safe. The Mayor of the day said “we are going to sue, and the courts will see we are compensated for this” or words to that effect. To that, I say Ha. Read the previous 2 items.

In all 3 of these situations it is a series of various levels of Government that contract for these products and are not getting what they pay for, I cannot imagine any business that would invest their wealth (and that of their stockholders) without some protection. Someone or some Company who knows the business and is ready to pass judgement on design, construction and be responsible for the end quality of the product, some one with the orders to stop the work until a problem is solved. They cannot wait for some court to listen to arguments and pass judgment. The solution must me now, or work will not proceed until one is created.

Why are our governments not doing this? To me that would be cheap insurance.

Politicians and bureaucracies are inherently inept. Politicians look only to be re-elected, and I do not recall any bureaucrat ever taking any responsibility, except in cashing their paycheck and accepting their over blown pensions. They are excellent in creating debt and long-term problems, but poor in solutions. Where is the Dwight Eisenhowers, the Winston Churchills or Alberta’s Ralph Kline, even Donald Trump (waiting on history for the Donald)? These guys got/get things done. They looked at the people who elected them and did their best to do right by them. I will say that in the Province of Manitoba, the cities of Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg, I personally do not see any leaders of the type of character and integrity displayed by the above, and we are the poorer for it.

Now you have 3 more examples of negligence.


Halloween started early today for me. First up, a TRICK knocked on my door. Encana, one of the few shinning lights in the west, is positioning itself to shift its money and interests to a more business friendly area. Yes, they are moving to the USA.

That bought and paid for useful idiot Justin, is worth every dime those highrollin SOB’s Buffet. Khan, Rockefeller (to name a few). They have us in the pen, next is the rope around the rear hocks and then its up in the air, one sharp knife, and we will be parted out to the highest bidder. Alberta and the NWT are the strip loins, Saskatchewan are the Prime Ribs, Manitoba are the rib steaks and the rest is divided up as chuck and ground.

In my feeble mind our best protection has now become what I dreaded, leave the Dominion. Let Quebec self-destruct, the Maritimes best export goes to the west anyway, Ontario has been taken over by receivers, not workers and givers, as for B.C. Vancouver is at sea level, and we all know what flows downhill.

For the record, born in Edmonton, lived in many small towns in rural Alberta, grew up in Calgary worked in Saskatchewan, lived for a bit in Vancouver (would not go back there un-armed) and now reside in Manitoba. I am a prairie boy.  In order of importance, Canadian first, Manitoban second, Portage boy third and the rest do not matter.

So many things must come together in the creation of Mansaskberta.  Leading the pack is an accommodation with the rest of our beautiful country. Easiest way is to get Quebec on board. The other dominoes will fall into place. I have as much concern about them today as they have demonstrated to the rest of the dominion. In other words, you made your bed, sleep in it.

The second most important is an accommodation with our Aboriginal population. It is far past time that we deal with our and their slavery to the Dept in Indian Affairs and Northern Development. We need their best and most pragmatic negotiators to deal with our best and most pragmatic negotiators. And these people negotiating need to KNOW that what they agree to is firm and binding. It must be item 1 of a new Mansaskberta constitution. No do-overs or amendments. Without this, there is no way in hell that it would work. Number 2 would be free (no exceptions) speech, number 3 would be the right to own and carry firearms, only exceptions would be automatic weapons and cannons. Voting would be limited to those over 21, citizens and NOT on any form of social assistance.

All 3 prairie provinces have resources to bring to the table, and Manitoba CAN have a saltwater port something that currently is missing (see my post about improving Manitoba). That port can also be the missing link for the Oil and Gas business.

If we think of all the people in this small part of Paradise and work for the best for all, not the self-interest of a few, then and only then will our children and grandchildren reap the fruits of our labours. I will be dead, but it is why we plant trees. And there ladies and gentlemen is the treat.

Improve Manitoba Brian Pallister

Improve the economy, improve the Province.

Remember you read it here first.
Open letter to my Provincial leader, my MLA, my MP and everyone else I can think of.
I read the attached and lightbulbs went off. Things that have bothered me for some time now had possible solutions, I am referring to a “Linked in” article by Clinton P. Desveaux, too whom I give a large tip of the hat for putting this concept into words.
These concerns have been (in no particular order), as follows:
• Economic opportunities for our Aboriginal cousins, this time focusing on the north eastern half of Manitoba.
• Re-vitalizing the Port of Churchill, and a year around possibility.
• Creating other avenues for revenue
• Short and long term job growth
• Transportation
• Pushing a sharp stick in the eyes of people like Buffet, Soros, Rockefeller etc, who are using the ignorant to protect their very lucrative business interests.

The link is as follows:
Please read before continuing.

While reading and absorbing this, I was struck by a few points.
The first was the port of Churchill, what a boon this may be, a reason to keep it, Even more important, a tide water port.
The second, and perhaps more important was the path of the proposed pipeline. I would strongly suggest that it start East of Winnipeg, and proceed north, through the East side lake area, to Churchill, and in doing so provide an all-weather road to many Communities that currently depend on Air service, a road that would provide many opportunities for the Indigenous population, perhaps easing the hopelessness and improve feelings of self-worth, and thereby reducing suicide and drug addiction rates, and for my mind, burst the bubble that was Greg Salinger’s ego that had him blow over 3 billion on re-routing the hydro line.
Third, the economic opportunities beggar the mind.

Finally, a chance to ignore the useful idiots EMPLOYED by the aforementioned very rich parties, who make it their life’s work to send Canada down to 3rd world status. By sidestepping these poor people, we can enrich, revive and create something here in Western Canada, that then makes Wexit (no support from me so far) a real possibility.
Stumbling blocks, you bet. Huge ones.
First and foremost, our cousins. This may be the best opportunity for them to cast off the chains left with them by many and varied treaties, to be at the forefront of creating a homogenic culture that incorporates everyone. Diversity is not and never will be a strength. Unity of purpose and mind is. We have a great chance here. Let’s not blow it.
The physical problems are just engineering, and we have the examples of American Alaska’s Prudhomme Bay to guide and assist us. It is money, lots and lots of money, But it is just engineering, so in the words of that great philosopher, Bubba Joe, lets “Git er done”.
That leaves us with our POLITICAL problems. Our last election demonstrated a truism I have used for years, “the East, the Central (Quebec and Ontario) and the West (British Colombia) are not Canadian in thought or deed. They make the notion idea of Canada much more correct than the Nation concept. With the exception of Newfoundland, I rarely see a Canadian flag flying in photographs of the Maritimes, the same can be said for Quebec and most of Southern Ontario and British Columbia.

That being said, what is easier, becoming a single powerful province Mansaskalb? Or changing the constitution and leaving Canada then becoming a country, or something inbetween? Can Brian Pallister become a second Joey Smallwood?

Mmmmm thoughts.


I have throughout my life been amazed by those who either willful ignorance or blind faith ignore the things happening around them that threaten their very existence, with an attitude that “it cannot happen to me”, I am one of the good guys.
History is replete with vignettes similar to those of pre WWII Germany where there were those who said ” I served in WWI, they are not after me”, “I am not a Jew like my grandfather”. or ” I have been a National Socialist since 1925 and wore my brown uniform with pride”, or today where we hear “I have been a card carrying Liberal/Democrat for 40 years, they don’t mean me, its those Jews in Jerusalem”, and for those of a gay bent (pun intended) who say “I have supported those in the Middle East and in Palestine all my life, they don’t mean me”, the facts are, YES THEY MEAN YOU!
The modern “concentration camps” and “Long Knives” are waiting. These people will and are using, abusing and shining you on until that fateful moment when you realize the truth.
They Hate you. Those on the left do truly and honestly hate you, the say it, write it proclaim it and practice it, and you ignore and blind yourselves to the reality.
Those whom you call right wing Nazi’s, are in reality Socialists, and they want to run your life, they, as the elite, feel they know best as to what is good for you.
Those who are truly right wing,(which means they sat on the right side of the Parliament, not the left), are the tolerant “get along” people, slow to anger, slow to cool. They wish for small government and to be left alone. Not so the left.
Beware the left, they hate you.


Wexit has become the new flavour of the day. So many problems with that concept I would need a bigger blog to count them. As I see it, the biggest grouching point is that we are now “deplorables living in flyover country” to use a phrase made famous by one Hillary Clinton.

In the Excited States of America, one party essentially represents the elites, on both coasts. The other party has the middle. But their electoral system has a built-in check on one or two areas controlling the country at the expense of the rest. It is called the electoral college, they have had many spats over it, and even a revolution, commonly known in some circles as the war of Northern Aggression.

Here in Canada, our electoral system (which seems to be misunderstood by far to many people) does not have that. In fact, there is NO way to stop a Prime Minister from doing whatever he or she wishes. Our PM has more power in Canada,than the American President does in the USA (all propaganda from the left aside). You could make the case that our PM is an equal to Putin, when it comes to direct power. If you want to get elected in Canadian Federal politics, no backing from the Fearless Leader (thanks Boris and Natasha) means you got nuttin.

This system, coupled with a petulant greedy little man, has us where we are. If you think for one second that he is NOT in the pockets of The Aga Khan, the Chinese, Bombardier,  Buffet, Koch, Soros, the Irvings to name a few, then I have an ocean front property in Saskatchewan for sale to just you, CHEAP.

His own actions shriek this. The pay to play fund raising with the Chinese in Vancouver, the vacation with old friend Aga, that was followed by a multi million dollar donation by our government, The meetings with Bombardier over “saving and creating jobs” followed by hundreds of millions in grant money (that went to a division that has since been sold for many billions), no pipelines anywhere so we are forced to move products like oil by rail (who owns the rail lines?). And who can stop, or at least slow this?

Our country is so fragmented, so separated from the original concept of Canada that we appear to be four or five islands drifting in North America, rudderless, powerless to help ourselves, at the mercy of whatever ruthless group decides to take over.

Money has talked, our so-called betters have sold our birthright, for seven pieces of silver. Believe me when I tell you that your dreams, your wants, your deep desires, your well being (no thanks to Tommy) never ever figured in their thoughts. Yes Marushka, you (and the rest of us) are deplorable.


Western Canada Separation

We are hearing more and more from those who feel leaving Canada is a viable option. So the old Grumpster has been doing some thinking, posing questions and answering them. Weird? Yup but so it goes.

What do we call this new country? How about Rainbowland.

Would we still be a Commonwealth country?

Money?? Good question.

Banking? see above.

Immigration? You may not want me to be the minister.

Foreign relations? Damned important. later

Where is the capital? Doesn’t matter.

What about our Aboriginal/First Nations brothers? A fine topic, later gater. Start thinking about negotiations.

Will it be landlocked, or can we reach accommodation with those to the west? Mmmmm interesting.

Is there a Joey Smallwood in the West?

Oh yes, Healthcare.

How about Multiculturalism?  Good riddance.

How do we keep one area from becoming the most powerful like we have now? Hint, think electoral college.

What about becoming a State/States with the USA?

I am hoping for some comments.