Well, the report is out, and as expected the blame was cast (rightly so) at the feet of that great leader, Greg Selinger and his predecessor, Gary Doer. However,

  • In his report Brad Wall, limited to Bipole III and Keeyask, says the ‘boondoggle’ amounts to an over-run of $3.7 billion. But it is much, much, more. By comparing the initial projections for all of the expansion projects to current projections, the boondoggle could hit $10 billion.


  • To understand the full extent of the largest government boondoggle in Manitoba history, other ‘chapters’ need to be added. Besides Bipole III and Keeyask, which was Wall’s focus, there are the Wuskwatim and Conawapa (failed) dam projects, the new Manitoba-Minnesota and Manitoba-Saskatchewan transmission expansions, plus the expensive rebuild of the Pointe du Bois dam. In Wall’s mandate from the Pallister’s government, much was left out. (itallics were stolen/borrowed from Graham Lane, Wpg Sun, Mar 7 2021).


  • Add to that the unexplainable deals made for “renewable energy projects” across Manitoba, that guarantee profits for “private” corporations whether the “project” worked or not. In addition we had the “guarantee”, placed on small solar powered installations around Manitoba, that payed ½ (up to 30,000 dollars) for a system to be installed that payed the owner for power piped back into the system (as a credit on future hydro bills), and an estimate of cost recovery of 5 to ten years. This, using batteries with a life span of UP to 10 years, and solar panels that have a life span of 12 to 15 years. Windpower towers and generators have a life of about 20 years, depending on maintenance, Are useless on:


  • Calm days (no wind)


  • Days with too much wind.


  • Winter weather days


  • Snow and ice rain days (until the snow and ice melt)


In short, a sizable fraction of their lifespan. Add to that the fact they never operate near the top of their rated generation capacity and backup power is required to pick up the slack for fluctuations (look to Texas). Affordable. Renewable, Free Power my ass.

Why oh why didn’t Pallister and his team tackle this right after taking power?

My best guess is the “Manitoba Deep State” (bureaucrats, there for life, whose main purpose is to protect their fiefdoms, help them grow and assist their counterparts in other departments). These are the people that have access to all the information and mete it out to you only after it has been massaged to show them in the best light. Ownership of the information gives them knowledge and power (why do you think we have the “freedom of information” acts). With the knowledge, they have the control (and boy can they slow walk/hide/mislay/misrepresent/block and hide stuff). I suspect Pallister only started to realize how bad EVERYTHING is after many big decisions were made and now his government is holding a very smelly bag. Many things could have been done when he took office. But he was kind and gentle. That has cost him. His bureaucrats are still lying to him today, from the witch doctor to education heads to the public works, he should have cleaned house, his predecessors did.

Why is this the case you may ask, well Ginny, when we allowed the various levels of Government workers to unionize, we handed them a gift. Prior to that, the average worker bee, was paid at a decent rate, but advancement was slow, jobs were (and are) for life (unless you really screwed up), now it’s changed, then Upper management in the bureaucratic world lived in fear of government change (political appointments), at that point there was wholesale upper management changes, and when the Dept Minister wanted info woe to those who hid/slow walked/misrepresented lied etc.

Now, some of the highest wages in the land, the best benefits anywhere, no layoffs (or extremely rare), security out the wazoo, Tenured Professors do not have it so good.

My suggestion to Pallister, before leaving, get rid of every department head AND their assistants. Leave your heir with a frightened bureaucracy and they will have an easier time of it. And just maybe, we can slow the growth, and start to really solve the problems, like the teacher’s unions, holding us all in thrall.


In 1999, Manitoba elected a National Democratic Party (read Socialist) to power in our fair Province. From then to 2009 Garry Doer was Premier, after his resignation we had Mr. G. Selinger, as our peerless leader. During the NDP’s 17-year reign, there were numerous problems with Provincial government administered contracts. Examples include

  • SNC Lavalin’s part in the Center Port transportation design and construction (poor design, delays, huge cost overruns)
  • IG field, Winnipeg’s new stadium. First the choice of site, the University of Manitoba was and is a very poor choice, this choice was driven by the Provincial Government. The costs were shoveled onto the taxpayer’s backs with little to zero input. Cost overruns, construction deficiencies and other issues were also glossed over by the Province.
  • 2011 flooding. Granted the situation was perilous and far beyond what would have been expected, but the severe lack of preparation, and planning and just plain short sightedness by the EMERGENCY Measures organization, which had one job and flubbed it, was very evident. The meddling by the political leadership was unconscionable and led to many severe and long-term issues that haunt us today.
  • City of Winnipeg’s sewage problem. Constant changes and additions have hampered the sewage issues for 20 years and have made the problems worse.
  • Forcing Hydro to accept so-called “renewable energy” inputs have hampered, hamstrung, handcuffed and generally hung the Manitoba Corp out to dry. While the jury is out on the usefulness of wind powered generation and solar energy, the fact is the premiums paid for power generated by either method are the only profits these suppliers will ever see. They cannot stand on their own. Therefore, the rate and tax payers are “on the hook” for the deficit.
  • Lastly and most egregious is the Bipole transmission line and the Keeyask Generation plant. These were both ego driven and will leave a lasting deficit for our grandchildren. I often wonder why my Indigenous cousins a lasting deficit for our grandchildren. I often wonder why my Indigenous cousins did not speak-up for the Eastern transmission route, as that would have given them a long-desired roadway. I wonder what kind of Quid Pro Quo happened.

Wab Kinew is telling the world that the report produced by Mr. Brad Wall, former Premier of Saskatchewan is a political hit job. He claims that the report was written and produced with the expressed purpose of embarrassing the NDP. There was and is no need for a report to embarrass the Provincial National Democratic Party, Greg Selinger and his ego have made that embarrassment a lasting legacy.

Canadian Vaccines.

And The Vaccine Will Manufacture Itself

Tristan Hopper;

Let’s go back to April of 2020. The world is still very much in the first wave of COVID-19, and governments around the world are scrambling to find some way to get back to normal. On May 6, the Government of Canada announces a deal with CanSino, a Chinese company that was developing what was then one of the world’s most promising vaccine candidates.

The arrangement was that Canada would conduct human trials for the CanSino vaccine and then, once it was approved, we’d manufacture it within our own borders.

But there’s just one problem. When CanSino tried to send Canada its first shipments of the vaccine, it was arbitrarily blocked at the border by Chinese authorities. Why? Probably retaliation for Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou for extradition to the United States.

As a result it wasn’t until Aug. 5 that Canada could finally announce a contract with Pfizer and Moderna, makers of the two most widely used vaccines. The Canadian government has weirdly refused to publicize their contracts with these companies, but what’s emerging is that we are definitely not at the front of the line for these shots.

But wait, there’s more. Evidence is continuing to emerge that Ottawa repeatedly turned down domestic offers for vaccine production. PnuVax approached the federal government in mid-2020, promising that they could be cranking 1 million doses out of their Montreal facility by December. The feds ignored them, and decided to instead centre all of Canada’s vaccine production at an under-construction government facility that won’t be completed until next year.

Or there’s Calgary’s Providence Therapeutics, who had a vaccine candidate that was showing early success in mice. They petitioned the federal government for support to bring it to clinical trials, but they got no answer as well (they’ve since struck a deal directly with the Manitoba government).

Ever since this pandemic began, COVID-19 has cost 1,800 Canadian lives per month and at least $500 million per day. We’re so far behind the rest of the developed world that as of right now, it looks like we won’t achieve mass vaccination until SIX months later than everyone in Europe and the United States.



Stephen D. Borys, OM, PhD, MBA

Winnipeg Art Gallery

While looking for something my wife and I could do in these trying times, I briefly considered the WAG. My previous personal interactions with the “WAG” were educational and positive.

Over the last 10-12 years we have all seen a drop in readership of our newspapers (they do not admit it), we have seen drops in viewers for TV news programs Etc. (CBC says in a report they have 0.8% viewership for their evening news programs), and tv sports news/games watchers are dropping like stones. We hear all kinds of rationalizations, excuses and guesses, but my thought lean toward self-destruction. It is my considered opinion that you can not treat more than half of your possible customers (what is readership, viewership after all, but customers), in a poor manner. Things I discussed with a Ms Redekopp of the Winnipeg Free Press back in the late 2000’s. Unfortunately, much of what I predicted has shown itself to be accurate.

Poor manner to me means:

  • Condescending, constantly.
  • Editing, carefully NOT reporting some news while emphasizing other news.
  • Never fair, never balanced and never full reporting.

And now we can add wokeness. Pandering to those who suffer from Virtue Signaling, examples being BLM, TDS, MMIW, White Privilege etc.  Regretfully sir, I am adding your organization to my list of places that on appearance, don’t want me, those who think like me or those just looking for something pretty to look at and don’t want to be preached at.

With this you hurt many of us:

“The Winnipeg Art Gallery is located on Treaty No. 1 the original lands and waters of Anishinaabe, Ininiwak, Anishininiwak, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.”

First, most people do not have clue one as to who the first three are. Second most think of the Dene as being in the far North. Third Dakota typically means Sioux. Lastly your virtue signaling is showing. If I won’t buy a newspaper or watch sports or participate in other elitist signaling efforts, then why would you think I would be attracted to your establishment.

Too bad, I like art, I don’t like pretenders, and by the way, just because you believe in something, that doen’t make it right or necessary for the rest of us.


Doug Hornby