The culture of fear that surrounds all news of Covid strikes Manitoba again. The numbers are bandied about, emphasis is placed on the deaths (18 at last count, all over 50, most over 70). Be afraid seems to be the message they send. Be of good heart is the one I wish to convey.

First the numbers, assembled on Sept 21st.








1,377,000 MANITOBA 1608 363 1227 18
727,500 WINNIPEG 687 284 398 5
649,500 RURAL 921 79 829 13


It appears that the City of Winnipeg has about 10% more people than the Rural part of Manitoba. I would be willing to bet that most Manitobans don’t realize just how close in population the two are. You certainly wouldn’t know it by the way the news is covered and presented. So first blush the rural has considerably (about 1/4) more cases than the urban about ¼ of the active cases, 50% more of the recovered and the lions share of the deaths. So which area is safer? I believe the urban population has larger risk problems than those of us who are rural. Why I feel that way I will explain later.

But first rates of infection, expressed as so many per 1000. So, if you have 10 thousand people and 1 person infected, the rate is 0.1, so let’s look.





1377000 MANITOBA 1.168 0.264 0.891 0.013
727500 WINNIPEG 0.944 0.390 0.547 0.007
649500 RURAL 1.418 0.122 1.276 0.020


As Artie Johnson used to say, Interesting, velly interesting.

In all of Manitoba, if you gathered up 1000 men women and children, you would have 1 that you can prove has or has had the disease. Ask yourself, how many new people, that I spend minutes in close contact with, do I meet each day? Unless you work with the general public, ie retail, server, police, it is unlikely that you would meet more than 10. That could mean that 20 weeks go by BEFORE you meet that person who has/had Covid. The American CDC claims (Sept 21) that the ability to infect others is done around 10 days after first infected, so quarantining them for 4 weeks looks after that. The fly in the ointment or sand in the Vaseline is that there are an unknown number of asymptomatic people out there that can be spreading the disease, hence the urgent need for more testing. At 1000 tests per day we need 1,377 days (3 ¾ years) to test everyone in the province. We don’t really need to test everyone, but we do need at least 40% and very rigorous tracking follow-ups. Sort of a Canadian S. Korea or Taiwan if you will.

Now, if you multiply all those numbers in the second set of boxes by 10, You will have the percentage of the Manitoban population currently infected or active cases or recovered or dead. Not very big numbers, low risk can be argued. Quarantine the sick, protect the vulnerable old people and those with co-morbidity, and the risk drops. We should not self-quarantine, we should treat those infected like we did 60 plus years ago. Short-term hard on those infected, one hell of a lot easier on the over 99% of the rest of us. Cheaper than what we are doing now, better for our economy.

R. I. N. O.

Republican in name only


In the Excited States of Amurica, they have a curious political phenomenon called RINO’S. Political candidates and elected officials who call themselves one thing while acting in another manner. John McCain is a particularly egregious example. How do you spot a Canadian or American RINO? They have unexplained money and the media supports them.

Here in Canada we have the same thing in our conservative style political parties. Those who wish to “don the mantle” but in their lying hearts they are progressively left. We used to call them “Red Tories”. Like their southern pretenders, they are supported by the media. They are there only for themselves, zero sense of duty.

They are a major problem for those of us who desire smaller government, fewer regulations, more open lifestyles. There are clues however to ferret out those rats in wolves clothing.

  • Do their current words match previous deeds? If not, be suspicious.
  • Are they saying that “on reflection (or other weasel words) they have changed, seen the light, etc.? Do be very suspicious.
  • Do the media seem to single them out? Again, be suspicious.

Do they have a successful business background? Great. Academic? Drop them. Where is their money coming from (who’s pocket are they in?)? Hot potato time now drop them.

What we need is leaders with the courage of their convictions. We need their followers to trust them because they keep their word. We need them to keep the other guys straight and honest. We can only do that if they walk the walk and back up their talk.




Today Manitoba reported that we now have a grand total of 603 cases, 8 dead. As well, in the Excited States, the Denver Post is reporting 5,00000,000 cases nationwide and claiming that Europe is looking on in horror. Imagine that.

Old school math says that is an infection rate of 0.015%. So, for every hundred people you have 1.5 people infected.

Manitoba the good is doing better than that, let’s see 603 divided by 1.38 million and damn 0.0437. Good lord Harry that is 4.37% of all Manitobans. One in every 25.

What about New Zealand? Let’s see population of 4.8 million, 1500 cases, that’s 1556 divided by 4.8 mil. Tadaa- 0.0003! (0.0331%) Good for them.

I leave it to you to decide who is doing well (New Zealand and the USA) and in comparison, who isn’t (Manitoba) Answers supplied for the math and reading challenged.

So, for myself, with a 4 in 100 chance of catching the disease, and then a 1.3% chance of dying from it, 8 dead divided by 603 (keep in mind, those that died had underlying problems that killed them) my personal chances seem pretty good.


click on the link and download an excel file with my comparisons.

Residential Schools

My Indian cousins have more than their fair share of sniveling people blaming everyone and everything on their lots/lots in life. While that share of theirs is not a majority, these good-for-nothings have a large impact on how my cousins are looked at by the rest of the world. The result is sad.

The current flavour of the day seems to be split between Residential schools and the iniquitous Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. In that the MMIW position is that the horrible white man is responsible for the things that the boyfriends and husbands have done, there cannot be a discussion. Schools however, need, nay cry out to have their creation shared and aired.

I am looking at the time period from 1880 to 2000, 120 years. While there have been schools before and after those dates, by far most of them operated up until the early 2000’s. Responsible leaders from both communities (white and native) looked at the thousands of young men and women moving into adulthood without the skills and knowledge to thrive and prosper. Solutions were required, solutions that could be quickly implemented and be fruitful, and so was born the “residential” school system. It was recognised that no loving parent would easily give up and send their offspring away for years at a time, so arbitrary force was used. Rightly or wrongly (the Europeans had been doing this for generations) this was done. To a Stone-age people this was a tragedy, to the recipients of an education this was a lifeline. Unfortunately the “reserve system” was just getting going, and thanks to the malfeasance and thievery of the bureaucrats, the crookedness of many of the tribal leaders, the system of keeping the young at home on the reserve (very lucrative for “crats” and “chiefs”), too many of the young people were/have not been able to put what skills they got, to work for themselves.

If you think I am wrong, look up the names of the elected officials that were in control of that system from 1880 to 1920 and see how the families made out. Disgusting.

Was there abuse? You bet, most of it older Indian to younger Indian, some of it not.  Was there education happening? You bet your bippy.

However, if you could not escape the reserve system you were an educated trapped person with no future. There have been a few that have become well known in the political side of Indigenous life, that have done very well for themselves. Most of their brothers and sisters, not so much.

The crux of the matter was that there was no hope for a young uneducated nomad. This school system gave more than 4 generations of young Indians an opportunity. Something that they would not have had any other way. Some did well with that chance, to many could not.

If you disagree with this, let me know your solution to the problems that faced this nation in 1880, I love a good chuckle.




The time is fast approaching where the media, in their wisdom (??????) will need to wring hands and sally off on a new or recycled crusade.

What will it be this time? Will the pandemic continue to vex their little minds? Could Social Justice continue to make headlines after the American election? Perhaps Socialism will continue to make inroads on our lives while stealing our freedoms? The truth there is that until we purge our education system and get back to “free think”, it will be an uphill battle for us. However, perhaps the Green/renewable crowd will feel it is their turn again to be the hamster in the wheel. If so, reading the content at the following link will arm you to discuss the costs of energy in real life. Your being armed with information that is detrimental to their points of view, will leave open a good chance that you will be called “racist”. If so, you just won.


Good luck.


My mind!

I am so disheartened, my life has slowly eased into dissatisfaction with most forms of entertainment. The industry that has filled my quiet times with books, situation comedy, stand up comedy, movies, documentaries and sports, has morphed into to “political correct” B.S.!

Nothing is entertaining to me anymore. Some dude’s or dudette’s feelings POSSIBLY being hurt, have removed the ability of the general public to laugh at themselves. The pandering of the creative industry to the “woke crowd” is resulting in the death of that which they think they are protecting.

Case in point. Last night I watched a bit of the Yankee – Washington game, missed the first inning. then the rain. caught the start of the San-Fran – LA game. The P.C. crap was front and center, but the killer for me was the en-mass kneeling of the players to honour a rapist, thieving criminal, an organization that seeks the overthrow of the national government in the US, and the disrespect shown to all of those who have served their fellow man in the Military and police services. Channel was changed when the knees hit the ground. I will not go back. I expect the NFL to follow in a similar manner. So Major American sports are no longer part of my entertainment package, hockey is still up in the air, but one whiff, and boom they are gone as well. I really hope the CFL is paying attention, they are at risk as well. They are not immune to stupidity. I will be looking at other sports but…….


The balance of the entertainment industry has gone off the rails as well. When I am watching an action movie, and a sweet looking young 125 lb lass with more fat than muscle on her bones manhandles ruffians 2 – 3 times her size, sorry, I like my entertainment to be believable. As well preaching politically correct crap at me, (feminism, multitudinous sexes, pedophilia and so-called systemic racism) also gets a channel changed and lately the T.V. turned off. This problem extends into books and other print media as well. In the last month I have started and left books that began with an excellent premise and characters, but when the preaching started, I left.


What does all this mean you ask? Well, losing me and my money means very very little to these purveyors of BULLSHIT. However, the loss of a large number of the people in their marketplace because they have been offended, well that means something. Something that they will notice, but my money says they won’t listen.


So, if you are of a creative bent, think you have some idea of entertainment to offer, get cracking. Capitalism means you can profit by your ideas and effort, unlike Socialism.


Let me know of your efforts, I am starving for thought and laughter producing things over here.



My first response is no.

No, because too much will be left out of the creation to make it work. Such as:

  • My Indian cousins. If they are not on board forget it.
  • My other Indian cousins (from India), many of them feel as we do, they MUST be involved.
  • My other cousins from different families. Again, many feel and think as we “Separatists” do, they too need a voice.
  • A political framework that takes everyone, equally. The Americans had one from 1776 to about 1848 when they started to tinker, then came Lincoln, Wilson, FDR (until Johnson, the worst) then Obama (Trudeau’s mentor and worse than LBJ). They have gradually diddled themselves out of being the richest, safest, most free place in the world’s history. Sad.
  • A stated goal
  • A willingness to shed your, theirs and other people’s blood to achieve the result.

It took the Americans many, many years to get there, do we have the patience and desire?

In the meantime, what can we do to improve our lot?

  • Read Alinsky, learn his rules, apply them, it works. The socialists have done that.
  • Get involved, speak out and up, the Socialists have done that. Go to the meetings, make the little sacrifices, let your thoughts be known.
  • Go to the basics, the beginnings, the schools. Ensure the emphasis is on important stuff, math, all sciences, English and French, History. World history.
  • Raising children? The following is important. You will create a human being in the first 4 years. Now their way is set and cannot be changed. If they are selfish? A Thief? Lazy? Immoral? That cannot be changed, you have sentenced them.
  • Church going and god fearing? Wear it on your sleeve. Be proud. Your parents/grandparents etc. did, and the moral values found in Christianity are a major foundation in the wealth and freedom we in the so-called west enjoy today.
  • Not religious? Still have moral values? Be proud. Teach them and fight for them, they are the weapons the keep the wolves at bay.
  • Learn to shoot. You never ever know. Enroll your children in the Cadets and Militia, they will learn things there about their peers, discipline, and so many other good things.
  • Be a presence. Set an example. Live as you speak. Being a man or a lady takes effort and sacrifice but is handsomely rewarded. Being a Gentleman or Gentlelady requires still more sacrifice but bigger rewards.
  • Make those around you smile.

If many of us start living this way, we will change things. You can too. If you value your grandchildren’s future, you will start today.


I am a voracious reader (my friends would say “really?  at this point). I am currently reading a book of Lincoln sayings, tales and stories, published at the turn of the century (not this one, the last one), I have found it quite interesting in many ways. Some examples include:

  • The media (all of it) in each time hated them both. The horrible things they published about Lincoln were just precursors to what Trump is being dragged through.
  • Both men had the “saving of the Union” as their goal. Emancipation was NOT high on Lincolns list, but it was there.
  • Both men fought elements of their own parties as well as the Democrats.
  • Both men could “tell a story” Raconteur meet Raconteur. Both men were considered “un-presidential” what ever that means.
  • One was assassinated by a Democrat, and today they are trying again, Lord how they are trying.

Where am I going with all this? Hang in there.

The whole kerfuffle they call their Civil War (I call their second rebellion), was mainly about freedoms and rights. The South wished to leave the Union over their freedom to go politically where they wished. The North recognized the need to “keep them in the fold. Lincoln wished for gradual emancipation, to protect the economies of the Union as a whole, but loud voices in the North wanted it NOW. The South objected. The rest is poorly taught history, North and South of the border.

Amazon Prime, it was free, written by Alexandre K McClure

Go, improve your education.

BTW, I am an impassioned Patriotic Canadian.